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Silva Institute of Business and Management (SIBM) was the registered on 4th April 2013 under the Business Names (Registration) Act (Cap 213). CIBM is owned by BluWat Tanzania Limited (BW), a limited liability company incorporated in Tanzania under the Companies Act, 2002 vide Certificate of Incorporation number 86598 issued on 20th October 2011. BluWat Tanzania Limited has the Consultancy licence; it consults mainly in Management and Business Services.
To become a centre of excellence in knowledge and technological advancement in East Africa thereby providing lifelong learning and superlative quality education Mission To function as knowledge and technological centre by
Continuously investing in the capacity building of the institute management, staff and infrastructure
Building reputation in the quality of education offered to satisfy the needs of eventual employers of the graduates and to suit the social and economic development needs.
Conducting research and development studies that will enable the institute to become the most trusted centre in provision of professional advice in economics and business management.
Basic Technician Certificate In Procurement And Logistics Management (BTCPLM)
Basic Technician Certificate In Accoutancy (BTCA)
Basic Technician Certificate In Human Resource Management (BCHRM)
Basic Technician Certificate In Business Administration (BTCBA)
Front side.
Qualified selected applicants will be informed by admission letters before course commencement. Each student will be required to have four (4) passport size photographs (colour) for processing of identity card and other official uses. Identity Cards will be available immediately after completing registration at the institute. All students will therefore be required to submit a satisfactory Medical Examination report from a recognized Health Facility dully filled, signed and stamped by a qualified Licensed or registered Medical Practitioner.
The Foundation course is open to form four leavers who were not able to secure at least three principal passes at level (D) hence ineligible to join Basic Technician certificate programme.
Candidates for the Basic Technician courses should have attained certificate of secondary school education with a minimum of 3 passes at level (D) of the major subjects.
Candidates for the Technician courses should have attained a Basic Technician certificate from a recognised college.
Candidates for the ordinary diploma courses should have completed advanced level education with at least two principal passes or a Technician certificate from a recognised college on the respective course.
Inside class room.
The college is located at Plot No 90, Block D, Kimbiji, Kijaka, Kigamboni in Temeke district. Administratively, Temeke is divided into three divisions namely Chang’ombe, Mbagala and Kigamboni. Kigamboni is situated in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania and its geographical coordinates are 6° 49' 0" South, 39° 19' 0" East. According to various studies, the presence of unpolluted beaches, the redevelopment of Kigamboni will spearhead economic development and increase the national income.
The Principal,
Silva Institute of Business and Management,
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