Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kenyan GAY POLITICIAN says he will capture the Kiambu Senate seat

Monday, the 24th of September 2012 - David Kuria Mbote, a man who has publicly confessed to being gay, has expressed interest in capturing the Kiambu Senate seat. What’s more Mbote says that the Kiambu voters he has spoken to so far are open to the idea of him being their first ever Senator come March 2013.

Mbote, a prominent gay activist who founded the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, says he has so far campaigned in Lari, Thika, Gatundu North and South and Kiambu towns and the people there seem the least bit bothered by his sexual preferences;

“The reception has been great. People are keen on my policies, though some are eager to just meet this gay aspirant. However, Kiambu residents have a clear choice in me," said Mbote.

“The fact that I am gay has no relevance to my ambitions,” he added.

Mbote, who is yet to align himself with any political party, says that the fact that he is a young Kenyan puts him in a good position to understand the challenges faced by the youth in Kiambu and across wider Kenya.

The gay activist also added that his experience as a campaigner on social matters would also be invaluable should he be elected Senator.


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