Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KDF neglected injured Uganda SOLDIERS

Tuesday August 14, 2012 - The Sunday plane crash incident where three Uganda Air force helicopters disappeared off radar in Mt Kenya forest has exposed the shame and rot in our Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF).

Despite having state to art communications gadget and radars, our mole from Nanyuki Air Base said Kenya Defence Forces were not willing to help our Ugandan brothers.
Believe it or not , our  entire battalion in Nanyuki airbase were upstaged by British trained pilot Ben Simpson who  played an important role  in the location  and  rescue  of Ugandan troops using  his own American built bird.

Ben Simpson, the Director of Helicopter Operations at Tropic Air, at the Tropic Air Airstrip in Nanyuki rescued all the six Uganda soldiers trapped in the rough terrain of Mt Kenya single handedly.

Kenya’s military has been criticised for its slow rescue response to the crashes, but in a lame excuse, Kenya military spokesman Bogita Ongeri said persistent fog around Mount Kenya was hindering rescue efforts.

If the state can find choppers to aid Kenyans trapped in foreign lands (Tanga mission), how can they fail to rescue a team of friendly allies?


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