Sunday, June 10, 2012

Association for Friends of African Baseball (AFAB)

 The baseball clinic at St.Mary's Sclool in Mwnza,Tanzania,began with game palyed by secondary school students. Started from practice of 'starting game'.It is their first experience to line up like this. Coach Mr.Tomonari told them tha it is to show respect each other.

The P.E teacher of Azania secondary school offered AFAB to apeal students directly at its all students assembly time.Mr.Tomonari apealed how atractive baseball is,and Yuki Koga showed what baseball is. All the students seem to be interested in baseball so much,and it is expected to participate more students from next practice.
Mr.Tomonari,chaiman of AFAB, was invited to have baseball clinic at St.Mary Secondary School in Mwanza,the second biggest city in Tanzania near Lake Victoria. The teacher Ms.Hellen is the one who established baseball team in primary school and secondary school. She began being interested in baseball after participating basball clinic held by Ugandan
Baseball Association in 2009. A lot of students were waiting, and just started clinic!

Azania Secondary School is the second one to be introduced baseball in Dar es Salaam.For the begining of very first practice, Mr.Yuki Koga,a member of AFAB, tried to explain what baseall is by his original video movies.

Mr.Mganda from National Sports Council, Mr.Tomonari and Yuki Koga from AFAB, had a chance to go to a class room in Azania Secondary School and announced about establishment of baseball club in the school. Harmonized presentation was fruitful even though no preperation before. Expected many students interested in and participate the club comming next week!
 The very first baseball practice in Azania Secondary School in Dar es Salaam was so exciting. A student, just taught how to bat by the coach Yuki Koga, a AFAB member, could hit the ball very well but ran to the first base with holding bat. Doesn't matter! Boys,let's enjoy baseball!

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