Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Millions of women suffering urinary tract infections 'caused by CHICKENS'... and modern farming methods are making them worse

Drug-resistant E.coli on the increase as antibacterials overused on chickens, researchers say
Modern farming: Chickens living in cramped conditions are more likely to pass infections on to each other
Millions of women in the U.S suffer from painful urinary tract infections every year. Now scientists think they may be caused by an unusual culprit - chickens.
Researchers have long suspected that the infections are caused by a person's own E. coli bacteria.
However, a new Canadian study found the germ strain most likely came from poultry.
A team from McGill University in Montreal compared the genetic fingerprints of E.coli from urinary infections to 320 samples of E.coli from chicken, pork and beef. They found chicken was a surprisingly close match.
'Chicken may be a reservoir for the E. coli that cause infections like urinary tract infections,' said study author Amee Manges.
The data suggested the infections came directly from the birds rather than from human contamination during food processing.
What is more, the scientists suggested that modern farming methods could be making the situation worse.
'We are concerned about the selection and amplification of drug-resistant E. coli on the farms because of improper or overuse of antimicrobials during food animal production,' Mr Manges said

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