Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Loose ZESCO Power Cable Kills 9 Month Old Baby

A NINE-MONTH-OLD baby has died in Kabwe after being electrocuted by a loose Zesco cable, sparking protests among residents in Katondo Township.
Eye-witnesses said the baby, identified as Priscilla Mulenga, died after she crawled over a Zesco cable which had been hanging loosely from a power pole in the parents’ yard.
The child’s stiff body was later found lying close to the live cable.
A resident, John Phiri, said the cable had been hanging loosely for a long time and family members would just jump over it whenever they wanted to use the bathroom.
“We feel  that  some  of  the workers  at  Zesco in Kabwe do not  mean well because  if they had  responded promptly to reports the we’ve been making, the  life of this child would not have been lost, “he said.

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Simon Kitururu said...

R.I.P Priscilla Mulenga!