Friday, February 20, 2015


Look of love: Rod Matless lovingly holds up the heart-shaped tomato that sprouted in his greenhouse - the gardener sold the fruit for £16 and donated the cash to the British Heart Foundation

·  Rod Matless, 69, was shocked when he found the fruit in his greenhouse
·  The heart-shaped tomato grew naturally and was not artificially shaped 
·  The retired dagger maker said: 'It's very sweet...people just want to hug it'
·  He auctioned tomato for £16 and gave proceeds to British Heart Foundation
·  Mr Matless, who lives near Norwich, had heart attack himself a few years ago

It's not often a tomato is described as so sweet 'whenever people see it they just want to hug it' - but this was no ordinary piece of fruit.
The heart-shaped tomato was grown by retired dagger maker, Rod Matless, who said he was shocked when he noticed it in his greenhouse while inspecting his latest produce.
Mr Matless, 69, who suffered a heart attack a few years ago, was so taken aback by the phenomenal fruit that he decided to sell it at auction and donate the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation.

The 2.26oz tomato was bought for £16 on eBay by a woman from Wales - who said she planned to give it to someone special. 
Mr Matless, of Wymondham, near Norwich, said: 'It was a bit of an obvious thing to do I suppose.

'I spent a couple of days thinking about it and I wasn't really sure, but this seems like a good use.

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