Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring Fever

Bright color blocking!! 

Light hews and lace

Love this for school! Paisley EVERYTHING

t-shirt, jeans, and sandals

Bright colored lips and glasses

love the yellow heels
Bright colored Maxi dresses
oversized, sheer tops

Summer hair, sun glasses, peep toes
Hair inspiration...


Satin And Salt said...

I love the paisley backpack! Lovely spring trends. do you think we could follow each other?


Ester Ulaya said...

I think its good Nico

Mak Nisy Collection's CEO said...

am so loving the spring colour.and the bold colour blocking. this is my first time on your blog good job..

i design and produce handmade bags and accessories, pls check out my site

Gillie said...

I'm definitely having spring fever and all these trends are on my radar! Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

xo Gillie

Constance Murphy said...

Great post, so much inspiration!

Paris said...

I love the oversized, sheer tops and the lace tops! Perfect for spring time :) Thanks for visiting my blog! We should also follow each other!


Ester Ulaya said...

thanx guys for stopping by, xoxoxo

Mica said...

Love the bright colours! :)

sorelle in style said...

Ahh I can't wait for bright colors to return to my life in Spring!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

sorelle in style

Mary Lou said...

oh i really can´t wait to have finally spring here and wear all this beautiful colours!
love and kiss,mary