Thursday, September 13, 2012


Work Opportunity in Mumbai India

I have a client request for one of his clubs in Mumbai, India.  They require up to 5 big guys (and I emphasis the big) who must also be as black as you can find.   Sorry to be so racist with that one but I am not sure if you aware but Indians look upon really black Africans as being super humans (cant think why!!!!) so use your skin colour as a guide and go darker.  They must be able to handle themselves and a martial arts background would be useful.  I need an idea as to whether you can get them for me on the following criteria;

1.         Big guys ? 6ft plus and excellent physique ? as big and well built as you can find
2.         English language a must
3.         Ability to handle themselves within the law
4.         Martial Arts background (boxing included)
5.         Willing to work in Mumbai, India.

Client will organize work permits and visas and provide accomm

Contact in Tanzania:

Eddie Barzangy

Tel: +255 718 737 177


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