Friday, August 24, 2012

RAILA Odinga’s SECRET meeting with PREZZO

Friday, 24th August 2012 - Kenyan rapper Prezzo just landed from Lagos where he had gone to propose to his love interest in Big brother Stargame Goldie.

The rapper landed and went straight to business. Apparently, he met up with the Prime Minister and is set to leave for Tanzania later on in the day.

Jackson Makini aka Prezzo took to his twitter account and wrote, I swear 2 God I Jst touched dwn! Meeting with the Prime Minister 10am then paint#Moshi TZ RED!!! 2nite #Thank u #Lagos.”

Prezzo is warming up to politics and it seems he is looking at ODM as his most likely party of choice. Whilst in the house, he declared that he was an ODM supporter and would love to see Raila win the 2013 elections.
He has not revealed a word of the meeting with the presidential aspirant.  A source claims that he declined commenting on what the meeting was about claiming that it was their secret. 

El Presidente as he is candidly referred to also shared a picture with his Twitter followers. He wore a chic green shirt and his signature stunners.


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