Thursday, August 16, 2012


The bigamist husband who was trapped by Facebook: Wife uncovered photos online of husband marrying another woman
Martin and Lisa Curran pictured on their wedding day in April 1987 have been married for 24 years when he illegally married another woman

 When Lisa Curran found a picture on Facebook of her husband of 25 years getting married to another woman, she was naturally shocked and appalled.
But former police officer Martin Curran, 52, allayed her fears by saying the image was a fake posted by a former girlfriend who had been stalking him.
It wasn’t until Mrs Curran became suspicious and turned detective several months later that the truth emerged – Curran had been living a double life with Andrea Whiteside, 31, for more than six years. 
They married in an illegal ceremony in July last year.
Yesterday Mrs Curran, 45, spoke of her anger after her husband walked free from court, despite admitting bigamy.
‘He’s got away with it and come up smelling of roses, like he always does,’ said Mrs Curran, who has two grown-up children with her husband.
‘He should have gone to prison, that would have taught him a very severe lesson, but he’s got away with it. I feel so stupid, everyone around me could see what he was like, except me.
‘Now I realise he has been lying through his teeth all these years. It has been devastating for me and the kids.’ 
Mrs Curran was just 15 when she met Curran, then 21. Magistrates in Runcorn heard that they married in April 1987 and have two children – a 24-year-old daughter and 21-year-old son.
The two wives: Lisa Curran, pictured left, who married Mr Curran in 1987, and Andrea Whiteside, right, who married him in an illegal ceremony July last year



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