Monday, August 6, 2012

Fake PASTOR caught having SEX with a young boy in Vihiga

Saturday, August 4, 2012 - A hawker who is alleged to have pretended to be a pastor in Vihiga County is being held by police in the area after he was caught red handed in the act of sodomy at a hotel in the area.

A hotel manager in Cheptulu market booked the man in the hotel who moments later left and came back to the room with a primary school boy in uniform. The manager became suspicious and called police.

Police in Vihiga stormed the hotel room and were shocked when they saw the man mounting on the small boy. The man was arrested and is being held in police custody.
On interrogation, the boy told the police that the man had promised to pray for him since he needed God’s intervention. The ‘pastor’ took him to the room and instead of praying for him he started touching his private parts and then sodomized him.

The man will be arraigned in court for sodomy and indecently touching the boy’s private parts.


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Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Nimeshindwa hata kuendelea kusoma..Ni ukatili na ujinga na utesaji tu huu...