Saturday, July 28, 2012

The day KIBAKI took a BARMAID home in Limuru – It all STARTED

Friday, July 27, 2012 - Who can remember the major controversy that arose in 2003 after Kibaki was sworn in as the 3rd President of Kenya, politicians and the public questioned his marriage with Lucy Kibaki because there was rumor that he had another wife – Mary Wambui.

Uncle Moody was heard questioning Lucy whether they should address her as first or second lady at an executives party in Mombasa. This raised eyebrows and Kibaki’s advisors advised him to call an emergency parliamentary meeting declaring that he has one wife and that is Lucy Kibaki.

Since Kibaki rose to power in 2003, Mary has prospered both as a political activist and a business woman for the recent acquisition of an IEBC tender for supply of Biometric Voters Registration kits which shows the level of nepotism in our country.

And so we ask who is Mary Wambui?

Apparently Mary Wambui was a bar maid at a bar in Limuru which was owned by the late Njenga Karume. Through their connection with the late Njenga and late Michuki who Kibaki went to school with the three used to meet at the bar.
That’s how Kibaki noticed the petite young lady who definitely gave him some attention unlike his wife Lucy. Their meeting turned into a blissful affair that yielded to the birth of their daughter – Winnie a.k.a Artur Margarian’s wife.

When you see Lucy firing Kibaki’s Aides for allowing Mary Wambui to meet up with her hubby she has all the reasons in the world to fight for her marriage.


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