Monday, July 23, 2012

Kenyan domestic workers want more

Friday July 20TH 2012The Kenya union of Domestic Workers put up an aggressive protest yesterday demanding that parliament ratifies the International Labour Organisation Workers Convention No.189.

“We appeal to the members of parliament to ratify this important convention that seeks to push for recognition of domestic workers as other respected workers,’’ they said through their General Secretary Albert Njeru.

The Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers union called for MPs to support the ratification and adoption of the convention.  

The convention demands that domestic workers around the world who care for families and households, must have the same basic labour rights as those available to other workers: reasonable hours of work, weekly rest of at least 24 consecutive hours, a limit on in-kind payment, clear information on terms and conditions of employment, as well as respect for fundamental principles and rights at work including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

They marched to parliament and presented a petition to Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi saying that the convention will improve the working and living conditions of domestic workers including an upward-review of their monthly wages.

They have been demanding not less than 7,900 per month in salary and to be given weekend offs for time with their families. However a section of employers have showed concerns about the domestic workers’ move claiming that they are not professionals to make such demands.


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