Thursday, July 26, 2012

KENYA: Smelly conductor thrown out of a matatu on Thika Road

On Tuesday - An incident involving a tout in a matatu on Thika road has left many bewildered this morning.
Angry passengers decided to throw out a tout who they claim was emitting an awful smell.
The tout in his early twenties seems to have forgotten basic hygiene in a rush to make money in the wee morning hours.
The frustrated passengers started coughing and complaining that they could barely breathe. Due to the chilly weather, the passengers refrained from opening the windows.
The tout continued pilling passengers and stopping at every terminal even when the matatu was already full to the brim.
Passengers who were close to him threatened to force him to take a shower. The conductor started hurling insults at them and it is during this time that 2 men threw him out forcing the driver to double up as a conductor and driver.

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ray njau said...

Daima busara itangulie sheria maana hakuna aliye mwema kumzidi muumba wetu Yehova Mungu.Salamu!!