Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First daughter Malia Obama safe 7.4 earthquake hits Mexico while she was on a school trip near epicenter

 Malia Obama, teenage daughter of U.S. president, is reportedly fine aneven though she was in the Oaxaca region, near the epicenter
An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 shook central southern Mexico on Tuesday, sending terrified workers and residents running into the streets and damaging an estimated 800 homes.
The worst hit area was the town of Iguala, which was close to the epicenter of the quake.
Remarkably, there were no reported fatalities and only 9 serious injuries in spite of the fact that the country was rocked by 18 aftershocks in the hours following the massive earthquake.
The southern border city of Oaxaca was significantly closer to the epicenter of the earthquake, and Malia Obama was staying in the town with a dozen other American students on a school trip.
Safe: Malia, seen here with her mother Michelle Obama, is on a school trip in Oaxaca, Mexico which is near the epicenter of Tuesday's earthquake
Ruins: Residents stand amid a damaged house in Ometepec after the 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck southwest Mexico, causing residents in the capital several hundred miles away to rush out onto the streets

Rescue workers: A patient in a wheelchair is attended to by a nurse at a makeshift emergency room after being evacuated from a hospital damaged by the disaster
Fleeing danger: Hundreds pour onto the streets after the earthquake hit land

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