Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

In India the traditional mehndi ceremony has got even more importance as the marriage ceremony now.
In India marriage is considered as ‘holy’ where two individuals becomes one soul and their families bond on this auspicious occasion. As it is a traditional ritual families don’t bother spending thousands even lakhs to get the best designs on the hands and feet of the bride.
Earlier a relative of the bride used to design the mehndi but nowadays professional henna artists are available to design the mehndi for the bride. They charge you on the basis of designs and patterns offering various packages making it affordable to you according to your budget. But for the best you need to spend the best possible in terms of money.
In India bride’s and the groom’s name are hidden inside the mehndi designs whereas nowadays it is selected on the basis of the color of the attire the bride chooses to wear on the wedding day, then a pattern matching the dress is selected it may be a old royal or ‘Shahi’ as we say it in Hindi or a contemporary style is then designed by the artist making it a real piece of artwork embarked on the hands and feet.

But before finalizing any design it is better to have consent of others rather than going directly by the artists wish because at the end of the day the bride is family and the artist is doing just his/her job.

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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

That is such a beautiful art. I've always admired it.